Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End in sight ...

Well, we were 37 weeks on Monday!

We are closer every day to meeting Carys - now that we are out of the pre-term stage, however, she seems more than content to stay hidden away in her own little world. Although I am anxious to meet her, as everyone else is, I am feeling surprisingly relaxed about being on her timetable. Despite being hugely pregnant and all of the discomfort that entails, I'm enjoying these last few days/weeks. I am able to work on projects that will fall by the wayside if unfinished when she arrives, my house stays neat and clean for the moment and I set my own agenda. I don't think it's possible to fathom exactly how much our lives will change when she does decide to join us, but I know that much of the lifestyle we are accustomed to will change. I look forward to the busyness of being a parent, but for now am content to let things happen when they will.

At our last appointment, Carys had wiggled back up close to my ribs - because her head wasn't engaged any longer my cervix closed and lifted up. I have been doing some things to encourage her to drop (for comfort's sake as much as getting her ready for her birthday); walking, bouncing on my exercise ball, etc., and it seems to be working. She seems to have settled back down into the position she was in prior to my preterm labor. I am curious to see if it is causing any cervical changes.

Her movements did seem to slow briefly when she was in the higher position - presumably because her legs were too folded up. Now that she's dropped, there is a flurry of activity for most of the day again. She is constantly straightening her legs against the walls of my uterus - it pushes her little butt out and I can feel the vague outline of her feet on the opposite side until she relaxes again. The skin on the top of my stomach is starting to get sore (it feels like a sunburn) from being stretched, I suppose. It is painful to touch... I am surprised that I have not had any stretch marks on my stomach (yet)- it is distended to an almost comical degree. I really do look like I've swallowed a melon whole!

Our next appointment with Dr. W is on Thursday afternoon. She mentioned last week that after 39 weeks, if we'd like, she would schedule an induction. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet- I am having some physical issues with the strain of being this far along that would resolve with delivery but barring any issues with the baby's health, I don't think I'd mind letting her get to 40. I've heard both good and bad stories about induction, but until I'm a little closer to that point I'm not sure I'll be able to form an opinion.

At any rate, whenever she decides to come we'll be ready. The nursery is finished, our 'go' bags are packed, car seat is installed, so now we just wait.

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