Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My life, the whirlwind.

Where to even begin?

My baby girl is almost 10 months old and hardly ever slows down. She is forever moving, learning, changing, finding new ways to amaze us and make us laugh. Motherhood is still the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me (marriage being a very close second). Watching her sleep warms my heart in a way I have yet to be able to describe. Every day I am astounded that I have been chosen as a guardian for this sweet little person who has so much to offer, and I hope and pray that I will have enough to offer her in return. My promises to her are still the same.

My sweet daughter;

I promise to teach you to love. To love others, to love yourself and most importantly to love the Lord. This above all is the most precious gift I can impart to you. I promise to do my very best to fill your life with joy, laughter and kindness. I promise to continuously pray over you, my beloved, that I will be able to be the mother you need me to be, a woman of godly wisdom and a vigilant watchman to keep you safe. I promise to love your daddy with everything that I have to give and to never stop working to show you how wonderful marriage can be when you let Him choose for you. I promise to allow you to learn, to grow and to make mistakes, but to step in when the cost is too high. My hopes for you are that God will make your feet like hind's feet in high places, that His Word will be a light for your footsteps and that you will learn to have the wisdom to avoid the snares that will seek to entrap you.

But for now, baby girl, I hope you slow down just a little. I treasure every time in the wee hours of the morning after you've eaten that you bury your head in my chest and wrap your tiny arms around my neck. Every heartfelt, shining toothless smile I hide away in my heart to think of when you're not around, every breathless giggle and happy squeal. You stole my heart the instant you were born and I never want it back.

I love you, little one.

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