Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy, busy day...

Today we had our 24 (almost) week appointment with Dr. W. Although all of the physicians at the Womens' Center are competent, fantastic physicians, Dr. W is special to me because she has been with since the beginning of our journey. She is the one that helped us through infertility treatments, and she knows who I am. A brag on the Womens' Center - I have never felt like just a chart number at their office (this is a big deal to me after a harrowing experience with an uncaring OB/GYN in TX that put me through the wringer). Dr. W knows who I am, she remembers specific details about me without having to refer to my chart, and she was genuinely thrilled for us when she found out that we'd conceived on our own. She also accurately predicted Carys' gender at 8 weeks - she said she got a 'girl vibe' from her, and she was right!

So anyway, we talked briefly about the hospital visit. She said that she wasn't concerned at the moment about the contractions because of our negative result on the fFN (fetal fibronectin) test but wanted to be cautious. I will be switching early from checkups every 4 weeks to checkups every 2 weeks and a fFN test at every visit to watch for signs of premature labor. She told me that because I was small when I got pregnant that my body (and back in particular) is having a difficult time adjusting to carrying the extra weight, especially as far forward as the baby is. Her thoughts were that a bigger part of my problem was the back pain I was having and so she recommended that I continue taking the muscle relaxer they gave me in my first trimester as needed and that I continue resting when I start to hurt or feel like I need it. Her exact words were, "Sometimes we're not smart enough to stop when something hurts..." ha ha - can she see into my house?! I have a very difficult time stopping what I'm doing when I'm right in the middle of a project. She didn't see any reason for me to be on bedrest at this time(Yippee!). She told me bedrest was the worst thing they do to pregnant women. She's right, I'm sure! It may sound like a picnic to just lay around and watch t.v. all day, but it gets really old, really fast, especially when your brain is screaming at you to clean and organize. I'm glad to still be able to do some of the things I want. Overall, it was a very positive appointment and I'm happy at the outcome. I feel like J and I will be able to be more relaxed if we have a negative fFN test every two weeks. It is a very accurate determination of preterm labor, and Dr. W said that if you have a negative result, you can take it to the bank that you will not be delivering for at least two weeks. I am worried about the cost of the additional visits because our insurance doesn't cover 100% after our deductible, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter much. What does matter is a happy, healthy little Junebug. :)

Speaking of Carys, we also got the opportunity to attend an early run for the Wee Cycle Childrens' Consignment Sale. I was hoping to find some bigger pieces of furniture because the things there are considerably cheaper than buying new! They are all gently used items but you can get really nice things at a fraction of the original retail price and for a family living on one income at the moment, that is a BIG selling point. I didn't find a crib or bedding set that I loved (I don't know what my malfunction is with finding bedding for her nursery - I see a lot of things that I like 'okay', but I keep feeling like I'm going to find 'the one' so I hold out... lol... geez - should not be this complicated!!) but we found this bouncer (that retailed for $50.00) for $15.00.

It was a little dirty, but the whole fabric part comes right off and goes into the washing machine (I checked before buying), and it came clean right away with a little elbow grease and some Shout.

My big prize of the evening was a Chicco Pack and Play Lullaby LX - retails for $190 or so, and we found one in great shape for $90.00! It came from a house where it was obviously well taken care of - it doesn't look like it was used much at all.

Ours is the same exact model but the accent colors are a little different - it's gender neutral, though, so if we are blessed with a little boy next time it'll be his, too!

It was assembled in store and we had to break it down to put it in the car. We were trying to figure out how everything worked (it isn't complicated if you know what you're doing but it was overwhelming to two people that didn't even know what a pack and play was 6 months ago), and it was clear that we had no idea what we were doing. A nice woman that was there with her husband, mother and son volunteered to show us exactly how to break it down and reassemble it. She was a pro! I think she could have done it in her sleep. She said she used the exact same one with her little boy and had nothing but good things to say about it. I'm glad she was around because we probably would've been there for an hour trying to figure it out ourselves.
I'm washing the covers to the P'n'P, too, but as soon as I have everything put together I'll post pictures of ours online.

Today was a busy day and I'm tired, but happy! I can't wait to get baby girl's nursery finished.
So excited to meet her...

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