Thursday, May 5, 2011

E is for Elephant...

(My father-in-law and I comparing bellies at the beach)

And, we're back (with pictures, as promised)...

The beach was wonderful. I didn't realize how much J and I needed to decompress until we were digging our toes into the sand. I think being away from 'real life' for a few days went a long way in helping us feel plugged in and connected to each other and this new experience. I spent most of my time at the beach soaking up sun (drenched in SPF 50) and shopping for (who else) Carys with my mother in law. I found a few adorable little birds to put on her dresser, a painted cross for her wall, and (although I swore off buying any more) some outfits that were on clearance and too cute to pass up. I did, however, buy them in larger sizes - mostly in between 12-18 months - because she already has some smaller things and I know she'll be getting more little bitty baby clothes before it's all said and done.

(The daddy-to-be got in lots of quality fishing time)

One thing that struck me this week -

NEXT MONTH. My baby will be here (hopefully) NEXT MONTH.

Our escape from the day to day grind didn't carry us away from the realization that our lives are changing more rapidly than we can keep up with these days. Almost every moment of our vacation was spent thinking about her, talking about her, cooing over tiny baby items in the shops, and planning for the things we have yet to take care of. I can see how someone not directly involved in the process would get tired of hearing about anything baby - she has taken over every little corner of our lives.

Speaking of baby news, the shower is just around the corner - May 15th! I am so excited to be able to get together and celebrate with our family and friends. I know the hostesses have been hustling and bustling to get everything together! I will be almost 34 weeks along on the day of, 3 weeks from being considered full-term! When I think about how close we are, my heart jumps into my throat- impending parenthood feels like the moment before you walk out on to the stage of a big performance. Thrilling, terrifying, and unfolding in front of a crowd of people that are all watching.

This week I am working to complete a few more preparations for our little girl's arrival - I still need to pack my hospital bag, wash some of her things and get them separated by size, call about our birthing classes (which are supposed to start on MONDAY, but I have yet to receive the registration packet that the coordinator told me she'd send me), etc. While we're on the subject of the hospital bag, I do have to mention a traumatizing experience I underwent this week - shopping for a nursing bra (you male readers may want to skip over this part if the subject makes you uncomfortable). I will provide helpful brackets outlining the 'sensitive' section of my blog... ha ha.


We went to Motherhood while we were in the area to pick one up because I hadn't been able to find anything at home. I was really relieved when the consultant asked if she could help because I've been petrified of picking one out myself. When I told her I was afraid of buying one because I didn't know how much bigger my boobs were going to get, she smiled and chirped, "I DOOOO!!"

Since the beginning of my pregnancy they have ballooned (yes, I am using that term) from a small C cup to a large D. I was aware that they would fill out more when my milk comes in but I wasn't prepared for the size that she pulled from the rack.


That's what I have to look forward to.

In case you, like me, think your eyes are playing tricks on you, let me help you out.


My boobs are going to be gargantuan!!! The most shocking part of the whole experience was that when I tried on the first bra in the recommended size, it already fit (Luckily, that particular designer sizes a little small so I didn't have to move to an F) Honestly, I had convinced myself that the 38D I've been wearing for the last few months was a result of 'vanity sizing' (I know) and that I had overestimated my size and she was going to say, "Oh, you're wearing the wrong size - here, try this dainty, attractive-looking bra with thin straps and frilly stuff on it." No such luck- I am in over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder territory- heavy duty, thick straps, lots of material for support, etc... I am convinced that my new bra (I bought one that's built like a sports bra) was engineered by the same folks that design tank armor.

As I stood there looking at my new additions in the full length mirror, I imagined my poor little infant struggling to feed under the weight of a breast twice as big as her head... ha ha ha. I know it's not that serious - more well-endowed women than I have nursed successfully for generations!

On the bright side - I might not actually need a baby carrier- Carys can hang out in the orbit of one of my chest-planets.


It was a good week, there is more to come (my brother is coming to visit us from the Marine Corps on Saturday and I'll be working while he's here so I'm sure I'll be busy!), and D(ue)-Day will be upon us before we know it.

As soon as I have time to take pictures of the new additions in her room when the sun is shining in I will post them so you all can get a preview of the cuteness to come.

And because I missed it on Monday while luxuriating in the sun and surf,

HAPPY 32 weeks, baby girl!!!


  1. hahaha..Manda, don't worry your boobs will return to "normal" after nursing..mine went right back down to my 38HI size- no problem!