Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Okay, okay, I know I'm late on this blog, too - my apologies! The last two weeks have been pretty busy in our neck of the woods (in a good way); last week we were on our baby-moon, and this week my little brother is visiting us from New Orleans, where he's stationed in the USMC (Ooh-rah!). We are thrilled to have him with us - it's been really good to get to catch up and spend some time with him. There was a slight snafu at the airlines with his luggage (and by slight, I mean they sent his seabag to Philadelphia), but after a reasonable time investment over the phone with several lovely, well mannered airline employees (insert forced smile here), he was reunited with his things.

I think he's enjoying his time in the mountains (I hope so, anyway) so far- I know we've enjoyed having him around. It has been almost a year since the last time I saw him at his military graduation and although we have tentative plans to visit him in NOLA after the baby is here and things have settled down, with the way life is, I know how life can change plans and I'm very thankful for this time. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to see him and the rest of the family that's scattered across the United States at my youngest sister's military graduation (also USMC) this winter.

On that note,

33 weeks along as of yesterday-- the countdown is at 48 days! My little Pea-tey is long from pea-sized at this point- she's the size of a pineapple and should be over 4.5 lbs at this point. Although she doesn't have any major developmental milestones this week, she's hard at work putting on weight and her lungs are continuing to develop- her skeleton is also hardening.

We had our first childbirth class yesterday; we spent a good deal of the time with introductions and establishing a baseline of basic information (anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, etc) and then went over a relaxation technique called progressive muscle relaxation. Jeremy was disappointed at the lack of hippies in the class (he's been looking forward to making fun of them), but other than that, it went just fine. There was one other couple in the class that happened to share our due date - the others were a lot earlier in their pregnancies than we are! Jeremy joked to the other couple that he was glad we weren't the only slackers - it did feel a little like that, though! One of the other couples was only 20 weeks along. The instructor provided us with a little booklet to follow/track our progress - we only have 3 1/2 pages left... ha ha.

Oh, well! Hopefully we will make it to all of the classes - and, barring any pre-term deliveries, I won't have to watch in jealousy as couples have babies before us and I'm still hugely pregnant!

Today we're off to Tennessee with my brother- at some point I also need to try to find something to wear to my shower- I'm steadily outgrowing all of the smaller maternity clothes that have lasted me thus far. Thankfully I was given a lot of maternity clothes- the only problem I'm running into is the variance in size. The clothes seem to be in either small or large/extra large sizes- I am in a medium. The large pants fall off of me, the small ones are getting really uncomfortable. I don't intend to buy any more pants for only the next 6 weeks, I'm getting by so far in sweatpants. I'm thinking about just trying to find a regular, non-maternity dress with an empire waist that will fit over the belly and will be appropriate for the shower. Then I might get some more use out of it, too. Maternity clothes are just so expensive!

Tomorrow I go back to work and weather permitting, it will be mowing day- I'm hoping it stays sunny because I know Jeremy wants to take Joel hiking.

Things are starting to move really quickly- Although I'm getting anxious for Carys to be here, I mostly hope that things slow down a little so I can have a chance to catch my breath before embarking on this new adventure.

48 days!!

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